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Become a partner – Offer a complete assortment of high tech products or complete IoT solutions that enable the Internet of Things (IoT) in areas such as smart homes, buildings and cities. By physically moving towards final consumers, MClimate’s products satisfy the growing demand for IoT technologies to modernise our society and economy.

We are always keen to cooperate with new partners who share our passion to contribute to making buildings smart, decreasing everyone’s carbon footprint, helping customers use energy in a more efficient manner and improving our Planet’s health.


Distributors and Dealers as partners are wholesale represent the sale channel of finished products to the end users, taking into account the availability of its own sales and retail network.


The Experts in IoT who are already engaged in searching and implementation of IoT projects, work with existing customer base and have technical expertise to promote MClimate’s solutions and products to potential business customers or partners. The agent is a highly-skilled expert in a certain industry and region highly motivated to lead our civilization to a more energy-conscious living.


The Local Service Provider is a building management company, an energy efficiency operator or a telecom / utility to name few…located in a certain territory and uses the complete know-how of energy management solutions to ensure MClimate’s relevant IoT solutions and products are locally promoted, provided, installed, and maintained. The Local Service Provider acts in his name and for his account and represents the equivalent of MClimate on his dedicated market.

What you get?


  • Affiliate terms with discounts for equipment and additional accessories
  • Full price list for equipment and services
  • Innovative products offering to commercial intermediaries or directly to end users who want to benefit from the IoT
  • Ready promotional materials (presentations, product catalogue, application in local language)
  • Expert advice on the implementation and installation of IoT products locally
  • A well-functioning and efficient MClimate supply chain ensures the timely delivery of IoT-enabling devices
  • Dedicated technical support and international warranty


  • A result-based contract with a predefined commission based on sales volumes / installations
  • Freedom to offer tailor made IoT packages and bundled solutions relevant for the market the Expert / Integrator operates in
  • Option to offer low cost automation for homes and buildings with a free to use app and low initial costs
  • Basic product and solutions trainingPredefined customer protectionDedicated sales support that supports the agent in the sales process from the initial offer to the signing
  • Dedicated technical support and international warranty


  • Partnership agreement
  • Pre-defined customer protection
  • Online Technical and commercial training 1–3 experts (1 week)
  • Localized technical and sales documentation
  • Regular annual training
  • Unlimited access to the demo version of MClimate Enterprise and MClimate Home App with data simulation support
  • MClimate products for demonstrations and pilot projects under partners’ conditions
  • The right to close direct supply contracts or combined supply-maintenance contracts in the partner’s option

What do we expect?


  • To be a technical or commercial specialist with a clearly expressed interest for IoT business development and promotion of MClimate’s smart home B2C portfolio
  • To be a registered company with at least 5 years of technical or commercial experience
  • To have a portfolio of potential leads and a large distribution network adequate for the market of interest
  • To employ at least 1 dedicated IoT specialist


  • To be a technical or commercial specialist with a clearly expressed interest for business development and promotion of MClimate’s energy management solutions and smart home products
  • To be a registered company with at least 3 years of technical or commercial experience
  • To have a portfolio of potential leads
  • To be a person with high integrity and drive for innovation


  • To have an operating company in the field of energy or building management or an infrastructure services provider with existing customer base
  • To have a clearly expressed interest in being active on a long-term basis in the field of energy management and innovation
  • To have a good reputation and be committed to sustainability goals
  • To employ at least 3 dedicated energy management specialists

Value proposition

Universally compatible products

Offer connected devices that can retrofit any home and device into a smart one and are compatible with voice control though Alexa or Google Assist.

Innovative broad smart home range

Get innovative with lifestyle products offering
and focus on improving customers' quality
of life and experience by offering the broadest
range of smart home devices.

Experienced marketing support

Benefit from our experienced design team and latest digital trends - target your customers with tailored product catalogues, brochures and guides in your own language.

Easy to use app or API integration

Consumers are prioritizing experiences over possessions with a focus on simplifying life, so having one app for your smart home is as simple as it gets.

Stand out and win new customer

A growing group of consumers mirror their identity and aspirations in their use of premium products - offer them the smart home of the future today and stand out.

Reduce costs and carbon footprint

Our energy-efficient and cost saving solutions
are widely recognised by our end customers.
Do your part for the environment and offer
smart devices that pay for themselves in a year.

Get to know us and partner with us

We’re based in Europe at Sofia, Bulgaria:
Campus X, Building 2, 31 Alexander Malinov Blvd.

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